Pantay Daya



This barangay is bounded on the North by Santa Catalina River; on the East by the dried portion of the Mindoro River and Solid West; on the West by the China Sea; on the South by the Mindoro River. The place is now divided into the three barangay; Pantay Daya, Pantay Fatima and Pantay Laud.


The above barangay were non-existent in the ancient times. The existence of the island were they are located now began when the big branch of the Abra River between Vigan and Santa Catalina had become less navigable. This resulted in the information of an island in the middle of the above-mention river. The island was a small at the beginning but its area kept on increasing as the years went by. Few families inhabited the place at first but settlers from Santa Catalina were attracted later because of the fertility of the soil. Some of the first inhabitants were the Arca, Alias, Amigable and Arconado families.


The name “Pantay” was taken from the very fact that the word means an island that is formed by means of receding waters. The island was a small at the beginning but it became bigger as the years passed by through the natural process of sol formation.


Most of the inhabitants of Pantay Daya at present are farmers and fishpond owners and this main reason why the barangay’s economy is stable.