Brief History


Barangay Paratong got its name Par-Paratong from the small hills from a crop land.


Paratong is bounded on the west by a scanty land that leads to the Mindoro Airport, and in the Northern part by Barangay Bulala, Salindeg on the east and Pong-ol in the south.


The barangay is divided into two equal zones of houses which people call Paratong Norte and Paratong Sur. According to premedieval history, the former barangay was called “Cabaroan” because there were many gentlemen living in this place especially in the northern zone. Paratong was sometimes called “Paratong” because the first man who lived in this place was fond of collecting money from the people.


The area of the barangay is rather small compared to its population. There are at least 233 houses, 275 families with a population of 858.


The main occupation of the people is pottery making for both men and women. Some families own agricultural land in this barangay and engage in farming.


The homicile of Barangay Paratong are truly devoted Catholics. There are two chapels in the barangay. Barangay fiesta is celebrated every 2nd Saturday of December. In this occasion the people show their different hidden talents and their hospitality to visitors. For youth development, both barangay had their own youth organization. Basketball is considered as their concessive past time for the teeners. Family ties is very apparent during weddings, birthdays, baptismal, fiesta, and when a loved one passes away.




  • Punong Barangay - Aurora A. Ayunon
  • 1st Brgy. Kagawad - Jomar R. Velaso
  • 2nd Brgy. Kagawad - Jimmy R. Rivera
  • 3rd Brgy. Kagawad - Eligia S. Abulag
  • 4th Brgy. Kagawad - Edna A. Villanueva
  • 5th Brgy. Kagawad - Jovencio A. Alba
  • 6th Brgy. Kagawad - Benjamin A. Anyog
  • 7th Brgy. Kagawad - Anacleta T. Abille
  • SK Chairman - Minerva R. Rivera
  • Brgy. Secretary - Shiela Esteban
  • Brgy. Treasurer - Ludivina A. Monces