Beddeng Laud


Brief History

Beddeng Laud is bounded on the North by a branch of the Mestizo River, on the East by Beddeng Daya, on the South by Municipality of Caoayan, and on the West by Mestizo River.


Barangay Hall


Barangay Hall of Beddeng Laud


There was not so much difficulty in the naming of the village as its name was derived from the very fact that being a border barrio of Vigan and Caoayan, east of the main Mestizo River, it was called “Beddeng” (border in English). There was, however a confusion during the time as to what municipality the village would belong because of the fact that Beddeng is located south of a branch of the Mestizo river and this river branch was believed by some people as the boundary between the municipality of Vigan, and Caoayan. According to information gathered, the early inhabitants decided that the village would be under the territorial jurisdiction of Vigan when Caoayan became a municipality in 1911, hence the problem was settled. It should be noted that Caoayan was a barrio of Villa Fernandina during Spanish time.


Arts and Crafts Native Arts and Crafts sold by some of the residents of Beddeng Laud



Brief History

Geographically speaking, Barangay Beddeng Laud is bounded on the South by Naguilian (portion of the town of Caoayan, Ilocos Sur), and on the North by Camanggaan an a branch of the Mestizo River. It has a total land area of 0.5221 square kilometers.


Celedonia Garden


Celedonia Garden The Celedonia Garden provides a relaxing ambiance for those who want to dine or provide a good recreation while cruising the river of Vigan City


River Cruise


Barangay Beddeng Laud could be reached in 5-10 minutes ride from the City’s Municipal Hall. Situated in the barangay are the Barangay Hall, Barangay Chapel, Barangay Day Care Center, Barangay Health Center, Physical Fitness Center, Evacuation Center and a Tanod Outpost and Vigan River Cruise Dock.


Barangay Beddeng Laud is known for its being a child-friendly barangay because of its clean and green surroundings, and orderliness made possible by the joined forces and sacrifices of the Barangay Council, Barangay Tanods and residents. It is also known for its educated, very hospitable and well-disciplined residents. Barangay Beddeng Laud is also recognized for its having a school van which transports elementary pupils to and from school to promote their safety from any untoward street accidents.



Barangay Officials
Barangay Hall


Barangay Captain Edreen Jeremiah F. Pajaro; Barangay Kagawads Cecilia A. Pajaro, Ferdinand J. Acas, Renato V. Malana, Edgar L. Pajaro,Emilio Q. Jose, Conrado A. Tolosa and Rufino V. Malana; Barangay Secretary Juliet R. Valdez and Treasurer Rosevelinda R. Ascaño