Purok a Bassit


Brief History

Barangay Purok A Bassit is bounded on the North by Barangay San Isidro, Bantay, on the west by Barangay San Julian Norte , on the East and South by Barangay Purok a Dakkel.


Barangay Purok a Basssit was an offspring of the division of Purok A Dakkel During the Spanish period into two barangay. The northern section now comprise Purok a Bassit and the southern section was retained as Purok A dakkel. There was a time that the northern section was called Taga-Pajo. Many residents of this area had the family name of Pajo. Don Cleto Pajo was one of the prominent resident of that section of the Barangay.




Time came when the population became bigger and life became more progressive. They likewise found time to relax by spending merriment while thanking the Lord for their growing prosperities. But as the village during those days was far from the main municipal road, some inhabitants of taga-Pajo section decided to move to other sections of the village for more accessibility. The section where Taga-Pajo folks established their residents came to called Barangay Purok A Bassit and the other term as Barangay Dadapilan.




Barangay Officials
  • Punong Barangay - Mauricio Pajo
  • 1st Brgy. Kagawad - Amado Natividad
  • 2nd Brgy. Kagawad - Ruben Pajo
  • 3rd Brgy. Kagawad - Armando Natividad
  • 4th Brgy. Kagawad - Alex Pajo
  • 5th Brgy. Kagawad - Primitiva Cabrales
  • 6th Brgy. Kagawad - Robert Natividad
  • 7th Brgy. Kagawad - Fernando Natividad
  • SK Chairman - Joanna Faye Mendiola
  • Brgy. Secretary - Jennifer Espanol
  • Brgy. Treasurer - Cherie Lou Castaneda