Pantay Fatima


Brief History

The barangay was non-existent in the ancient times. The existence of the island began when the big branch of the Abra River between Vigan and Sta. Catalina became less navigable. This resulted in the formation of the island in the middle of the above mentioned river. The island was small at the beginning but its area kept on increasing as the years went by.


This parcel of land was then called “Pantay” which means an island formed by means of receding waters”. As days passed by, the population grew. Authorities by that time had decided that this place should be divided into three barangays. The eastern portion was named, Pantay Daya”, the western portion was named “Pantay Laud” and the middle portion was named “Pantay Fatima”. The term Fatima was adopted with the settling of the Benedictine Nuns and Sisters, who constructed a shrine in the cova of their monastery with Our Lady of Fatima in the middle. This shrine is a reflection of the real apparition of Our Lady in Fatima, Portugal.


The first inhabitants of this place are the Arconado, Alias and Amigable families. Soon, settlers from neighboring communities came and made the population grow. The industries of this barangay include fishing, farming and blue collar jobs. People are fond of singing, very religious and are peace-loving due to the presence of the Benedictines. Parents try their best to send their children for education till college.



Socio Economic Profile

On the western part of the historic City of Vigan Barangay Pantay Fatima is bounded on the north by Govantes River, on the south by Barangay Bulala and Barangay Ayusan Norte, on the east by Pantay Daya and on the west by Barangay Pantay Laud.


Barangay Pantay Fatima has a total land area 1.1218 With a population of 2,402 and 544 households. Farming and Fishing are its main industries. It is home to the Fatima-Vigan Multipurpose Cooperative, the Monastery of the Benedictine Nuns of the Eucharistic King, and to one of Vigan’s radio stations, DZNS.




Fatima Shrine at he Benedictine Nuns and Sisters



benedictine church

Benedictine Chapel




Pantay Fatima's Fish Hatchery contributing to the abundance of marketable fish produce.



water lily products

Bags and slipper products made from water lilies growing abundantly in the river of Pantay Fatima



recycled trash

Non biodegradle trash are recycled into beautiful decorations


Barangay Council


Brgy Council
  • Punong Barangay - Larry Raboy
  • 1st Brgy. Kagawad - Rumulo Aninag
  • 2nd Brgy. Kagawad - Ernesto Rapisura
  • 3rd Brgy. Kagawad - Teresita Carmello
  • 4th Brgy. Kagawad - Leticia Singson
  • 5th Brgy. Kagawad - Edgar Amigable
  • 6th Brgy. Kagawad - Madelyn Labor
  • 7th Brgy. Kagawad - Carolino Raboy
  • SK Chairman - Jan Danae Aninag
  • Brgy. Secretary - Jenalyn Nido
  • Brgy. Treasurer - Marilee Rabbon



*The current Barangay Officials of Barangay Pantay Fatima are listed on the downloadable brochure above.