San Jose


Brief History


San Jose Barangay Hall
San Jose Barangay Hall

Barangay San Jose lies in the Eastern side of Vigan City, Ilocos Sur. It has a distance of 1.5 kms. from the city proper. It is a small Barangay compared to other barangays of Vigan City. It is bounded by four barangays, San Julian Sur in the West, San Julian Norte in the North, Nagsangalan in the East, and Cabaroan Laud in the South.


San Jose Day Care Center
San Jose Barangay Hall

In the early times, this Barangay was a part of Barrio San Julian Sur. The eastern side of BarrioeSan Julian Sur, was “CACALDINGAN” an epic name which the early inhabitants of this area hated. This was the reason why Barrio San Julian Sur was divided into two— Barrio San Julian Sur and Barrio San Julian Sur East. The head of a Barrio during that time was the Barrio Lieutenant.


San Jose Barangay Hall
Sinuman, a kakanin

As years went by the people thought of changing the name of the barrio. The people of the San Julian Sur East decided to name it San Jose, in honor of their patron ST. JOSEPH through a Barrio Resolution approved by the Municipal Council. However, in the early 70’s during the administration of the Late Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos, there was a Law passed in the congress changing the term “Barrio” to “Barangay” thus “BARANGAY SAN JOSE”.


Socio-Economic Profile


Barangay San Jose has a total land area of 40.16 hectares. It is a plain land with sandy soil. More than 1/3 of the land area is for agriculture and the remaining 2/3 of the land area are residential land.

Barangay San Jose has a population of more or less 915 people based on the records of the Barangay Nutrition Scholar. It has 175 households and 300 families living in the area. Most of the people are engaged in construction work as laborer, mason and carpenter; some are tricycle operators, government employees, overseas contract workers, drivers, farmers, market vendors, and are engaged in the industry. Agri products of San Jose include rice, corn, root crops and vegetables.




  • Punong Barangay - HERMINIO QUIMIN
  • 1st Brgy. Kagawad - ARNULFO COBRANA
  • 2nd Brgy. Kagawad - EDMAR FILARCA
  • 3rd Brgy. Kagawad - VICTORIA PAZ
  • 4th Brgy. Kagawad - ANDY GUTTIEREZ
  • 5th Brgy. Kagawad - MARDY PALO
  • 6th Brgy. Kagawad - VICTOR PAROLIGAN
  • 7th Brgy. Kagawad - RYAN JAY PAROLIGAN
  • Brgy. Secretary - George Fieldad
  • Brgy. Treasurer - Brendalyn Acena