Cabaroan Daya



Cabaroan is bounded on the North by Nagsangalan; on the East by Bongtolan; on the West by Cabalangegan; and on the South by Camangaan. It is at present divided into two barangays namely; Cabaroan Daya and Cabaroan Laud but in as much as the origin of the name is the main purpose of this study, the two barangays is studied as one.


As early as the founding of Vigan by Captain Juan de Salcedo, this settlement of village was inhabited by the Tinggians (Itnegs) who were industrious and peace-loving people. They were farmers and they produce root crops like peanut camotes, singkamas and “togi” in the dialect.


The villages was sparely populated at that time so that the governadorcillo (mayor) of Vigan wanted to developed the place by inviting the people from the densely populated areas to settle there. A family was given an area to cultivate so that the Itnegs were displaced by the new settlers. Many settled in the placed in later years and became prosperous. Roads and trails were built and village government was established. This place then became the newest and youngest village of the Meztiso River at that time, so it came to be called “Cabaroan” which means the newest in English.


Almost of the families in the place have farm lots to cultivate. Among their farm product are sugar, rice, corn, peanuts and other root crops and vegetables. Aside from being farmers, the female inhabitants are also weaver of Ilocano cloth. A certain percentage of the barangay populations are professionals.




  • Punong Barangay - Edmund Supnet
  • 1st Brgy. Kagawad - Felix Alegre
  • 2nd Brgy. Kagawad - Nestor Supnet
  • 3rd Brgy. Kagawad - Baltazar Atanes
  • 4th Brgy. Kagawad - George Arconado
  • 5th Brgy. Kagawad - Samuel Quitoriano
  • 6th Brgy. Kagawad - Edwin Arcena
  • 7th Brgy. Kagawad - Jesus Ilagan
  • SK Chairman - Joemar Fabillaran
  • Brgy. Secretary - Roel Atanes
  • Brgy. Treasurer - Leonora Nacion